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Freshman year at college is hard when your roommate is weird, you’re feeling homesick, and a hook-handed serial killer is slashing girls’ throats. But if Lexi can discover what really happened to her high school best friend on that car ride to the movies, everything will be okay. In this existential slasher comedy, Lexi and her friends learn what it means to grow up – and it’s not pretty.

Hookman is a lethally sharp and witty examination of death, young adulthood, and the power of the stories we tell each other and ourselves. Oh, and there's blood. Lots and lots of blood.

CASTING    1m, 5f

LEXI - Freshman at UConn. An only child.
JESS - Freshman at UC Davis. Possibly Lexi’s best friend. Maternal.
YOONJI - Freshman at UConn. Lexi’s roommate. Korean American. Passive aggressive, maybe an alcoholic.
CHLOE - Freshman at UConn. Carries a large thermos of coffee. Thrilled to be alive.
KAYLEIGH - Sophomore at West Porter High. On a quiet power trip. Better than Lexi.
HOOKMAN - Old enough to be sketchy, male. Has a hook for a hand. Constantly looks hung over. 
*The actor playing Hookman also plays: 
SEAN - Junior at DePaul University. Plays intramural baseball. May be a rapist.
ADAM - Senior at UConn. Lexi’s residential advisor. The local pot dealer.

Additional Info

Auditions will consist of cold reads from the script. Headshots/prepared monologues not required. Rehearsals will begin in August (weeknights/evenings plus occasional weekend afternoons, depending on cast and crew availability). Hookman will be performed at The Barbershop Theater.  

Audition Dates: July 21 & 22 (open call, 3:30-5:30pm)

Tech Rehearsals: October 15-18

Performance Dates: October 19, 20 & 21


The Barbershop Theater

4003 Indiana Ave, Nashville, TN 37209


Got questions? Drop us a line at gadabouttheater@gmail.com.